Freewave Edge


Our new data platform, solving the problem of lost data, low quality data collection, connectivity gaps and congested networks.

Get on-device edge polling and data storage for higher quality data collection and guaranteed data delivery, no matter your connectivity challenges.

Replacing networks is expensive. FreeWave Edge lets you keep your existing network in place and still get the quality and volume of data your operations need.

With FREEWAVE EDGE, you have full control.

  • Provides Edge Polling for standard industrial protocols such as Modbus, ROC, and more coming soon
  • Connects any sensor you need to the API Enabled IO on ZumEdge
  • Provides Edge data processing, alarming and on-device storage for a week’s worth of data
  • Connects to your SCADA, enterprise, or cloud dashboard with modern publish-subscribe data transmission via MQTT
  • Provides connectivity and edge data processing, all in one box