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65 W Powerful RF Output Power

The IC-V3500 is a rugged 2 m mobile transceiver providing powerful 65 W* of output power. The output power level is selectable in four steps and the selected power is displayed.
* Output power differs depending on version and specific regulatory requirements.

Modern White Display and Simple Operation

While the IC-V3500 retains a simple user interface despite additional function updates for an easy to use radio. The white LCD backlight offers a better readability suitable for mobile operation. The bottom of the display indicates the available functions of the front panel buttons directly below the display.

4.5 W Loud and Clear Audio Output

The IC-V3500 provides class-leading 4.5 W loud audio from the built-in speaker. By improving the frequency response of the speaker and increasing opening slit, the voice is clearly audible and easy to hear.

Instant Volume Loud and Mute Functions

You can temporarily change the volume to a preset level with a simple operation. It can be used as a One-touch mute function by preset volume to zero.

Emergency Call and Alert Functions

In the case of emergency, the emergency call function alternatively sends an emergency beep and hot microphone audio to let the receiver to know that an emergency has occurred. At the same time, an emergency alarm sounds from the IC-V3500 speaker to notify the people around you of your existence and situation.

Countermeasures against Counterfeit Products

The “3D GENUINE Icom label” and “QR Code Genuineness Determi-nation System” are attached for proof of authentication.

Check the Icom website for details

And More…

A total of 207 memory channels with 6 character channel name
VHF marine channel mode and foghorn functions* (* Depending on version)
Built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder for repeater access
Dynamic bank link scan function scans all memory channels in the selected banks
Tough construction to pass the MIL-STD 810 G specifications
Up to 16 DTMF autodial memory channels
Free download PC programming software, CS-V3500
Priority watch function
Wide/narrow channel setting
Power supply voltage display
Most of functions are programmable from remote-control microphone